Leadership skills for young leaders (Kassel) (Online)
Speaker: Dr. Kerstin Mauth

Target group: PhD students and Doctoral candidates

Registration deadline: 07.06.2021

Event format: ONLINE workshop
To participate you need a laptop / PC with a camera and microphone and internet access.

What will be different if I suddenly become a manager? What is expected of me and how can I confidently meet the requirements?
The workshop deals with the successful transition to the management level, the assumption of team leadership and the associated challenge of instructing, promoting and motivating employees. You will learn different methods that will enable you to master different situations, from delegating tasks to constructive employee interviews. Furthermore, your communication skills will be strengthened so that you can react confidently even in difficult moments.

- Self-reflection as a manager
- Change of management level
- Communication skills for the team leader
- Methods for employee-oriented leadership
- Motivation of employees
- Delegation of tasks

About the speaker:
Dr. Kerstin Mauth works as a personnel developer and career coach at the University of Göttingen. Their offerings include workshops in the areas of leadership, career development and moderation. She also designs national and international qualification programs for different target groups.
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