Visualize your Science! Creating Graphical Abstracts (ONLINE)
Lecturer: Dr. Susanne Berger

Registration deadline: 30 August 2021

Target group: PhDs and Postdocs (mainly in the areas of natural science and engineering)

Format: ONLINE via ZOOM

Prerequisite: installation of the current stable version of LibreOffice (freely available open source software) in English

Short description:
This workshop deals with the visualization of scientific ideas and projects. Analogous to the written summary of a scientific work, the so-called abstract, the Graphical Abstract has increasingly found its way into scientific publications in recent years. Originally used as a graphical summary of an article, it can do much more: whether in a disputation or at conference presentation, a Graphical Abstract arouses interest, illustrates and explains.
But visualizing complex scientific ideas is anything but easy. Where do I start? How do I structure the content? What is important, what can I leave out? How can abstract terms be represented? What needs to be taken into account in the graphic design? And what if I cannot draw at all?
The course covers how to find starting points and ideas for a good schematic visualization, develop a concept and finally implement it with good graphic design. Each participant will create his or her own Graphical Abstract during the course - even without drawing skills.
The workshop also includes an introduction to the creation of vector graphics. We use the open source software "LibreOffice Draw", whose user interface is probably familiar to many from the use of PowerPoint. We will create some simple icons and learn the basic functions of the software, approaches to creating an icon and useful tips and tricks that will make us work faster and more efficiently.

- Systematically approaching the creation of a Graphical Abstract
- Naming key messages of a project and knowing what background information a viewer of the target group needs to understand them
- Graphically structuring and relating the essential contents of ones work
- Resources for the representation of abstract terms
- Basics of graphic design such as the targeted use of color, line thickness, typography, etc.
- Creation of a personalized Graphical Abstract

About the lecturer:
After studying molecular biotechnology at the University of Heidelberg, she received her doctorate in neuro- and tumor biology at the JWG University of Frankfurt. Since 2013, Dr. Susanne Berger has been a freelance science illustrator and trainer where she conducts workshops at various graduate academies, including Heidelberg, Marburg and Darmstadt.

Addition terms of use: With the registration, the usage of the platforms/tools stated above and, if applicable, necessary data are accepted. Furthermore, the participants are responsible for the technical requirements.
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