Meet the Editor: How to publish in an inter- and transdisciplinary journal: the example of GAIA
Lecturer: Tobias Mickler

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Registration deadline: 15.03.2020
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Target group: Doctoral and Master students with a particular interest in environmental / sustainability topics and inter- and transdisciplinary research

Workshop description:
In the “Meet-the-Editor” series of the Graduate Centre for Environmental Research and Teaching (GradZ) we want to demystify the editorial process of scientific journals of our field. Doctoral and Master students with a strong interest in environment/sustainability topics and inter-/transdisciplinary research are cordially invited to join the new series and familiarize themselves with relevant journals. For each session, the GradZ invites a member of the editorial board or the managing editor to inform participants about the aims and scope of the journal as well as the review process. Insights will be given into how manuscripts are assessed and editorial decisions made. We will also discuss tips on writing a successful paper, pitfalls in publishing a good paper and how constructive feedback can help in the writing process and paper development. Each session ends with an open discussion in which editors share with the audience their vision for the journal now and for the future.
In our kick-off session, we welcome Mr. Tobias Mickler, the Managing Editor of “GAIA – Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society”. GAIA is a peer-reviewed inter- and transdisciplinary journal published by oekom. It addresses scientists concerned with the causes and analyses of environmental and sustainability problems and their solutions. Articles in GAIA can be published in both English and German language.

About the lecturer:
Managing Editor GAIA – Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society
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