Writing Journal Articles (ONLINE)
Lecturer: Dr. Sven Arnold

Registration deadline: 06.05.2021

Target group: Junior researchers who are going to publish articles and papers in scientific journals

Format: The workshop will take place online. You will need a working microphone/headset and a camera.

Workshop description:
Research articles offer the scientific community access to findings and results of research projects and proof the expertise of their authors. Though publishing in journals - whether in the frame of a cumulative dissertation or as a member of a research project - is a challenge especially for early career writers. Because junior researches do not hold an advanced experience with publishing like senior researchers do. They are less familiar with the requirements and conventions of different journals and their readerships, and with the criteria of editors and peer reviewers.
Against this background, the workshop is open for all disciplines and focusses on three basic aspects concerning writing for scientific journals, especially from the angle of "early career writing".

- Criteria for the acceptance or the rejection of submitted manuscripts and the specific challenges for junior researchers
- Conceptualizing the article and drafting an abstract along the five-finger-pattern by Felicitas Macgilchrist
- Preparing the introduction by using the CARS-Model by John Swales: Clarifying and displaying your position within the discourse and your contribution to it

If existing the participants may bring an own draft of an abstract to the workshop. They will get the opportunity to work on it in terms of revision on the basis of the workshops content.

About the lecturer:
Dr. Sven Arnold holds a PhD in literary studies and is a certified advisor for academic writing. He works as a self-employed writing advisor and lecturer for academic and professional writing since 2009. One focus of his job is the work with PhD candidates from universities, graduate col-leges and research institutes.

Addition terms of use: With the registration, the usage of the platforms/tools stated above and, if applicable, necessary data are accepted. Furthermore, the participants are responsible for the technical requirements.
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