Presentation of Third-Party Projects and Research Results (Kassel)
Lecturer: Dr. Sabine Preusse

Deadline: extended to 27.03.2020


Technical Requirements: Internetaccess, Laptop, PC orTablet, Desktop-App of Adobe Connect. You recieved a link for the access to the workshop before.

Target group: PhD candidates and Postdocs

Presentations of research projects have the target to receive funds, extensions or positive evaluations. To convince assessors of a project one has to demonstrate that it is scientifically excellent, feasible and that the responsible person is capable to successfully perform the tasks.
Therefore, a presentation needs to contain much more than a factual description of the project. Instead, one has to convey information on the own personality and ones competences as a project manager, build trust and create a feeling of security regarding potential complications.
Thus, you learn in this workshop to adapt your presentation on occasion and target group, to choose the mode of presentation respectively, to communicate your personality, skills and visions as a scientist and to react to critical questions.
The workshop contains a mixture of group works, discussions and reflections as well as the development of concrete approaches for your own presentation.

- Development of a well-structured and easily understandable presentation
- Adaptation of the presentation on occasion and target group
- Communication of the own personality, competences and scientific vision
- Use of presentation medium in a clear and expedient manner
- Reaction to critical questions

About the lecturer:
Dr. Sabine Preusse holds a doctoral degree in geophysics. She has retrained herself as an econo-mist, a BDVT proved trainer and businesscoach. Since 2011 she works as independent trainer and advisor with RaumZeit e.K.

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