PhD Presenting Seminar
Lecturer: Dr. Martin Wiehle

Target group: PhD students and PostDocs (incl. project guests)

The seminar is offered every semester to doctoral candidates and PostDoc fellows at the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences who are at different stages of their research.
The seminar will give participants the chance to acquire and/or refine and practice their presentation skills, and cover presentations ranging from those of research proposals at the beginning of projects to the report of finalized projects.
The presentation of each participant (20-25 min) will be followed by an interdisciplinary discussion on the style and content of the presentation itself (slides), the stage presence of the presenter as well as on possible research questions and collaborations arising from the research.
Sessions will be accomplished by regular input talks from PostDoc/guest researchers as well as training such as „How to find suitable journals“, „Poster making“, and „Predatory journals“.
The scope of this seminar is primarily to improve presentation skills, to link/update researchers of different working groups/disciplines and to train a variety of methological skills.

- Presentation skills
- Technical inputs
- Exchange across working groups/disciplines

The seminar will take place weekly on tuesdays between 28 April 2020 and 14 July 2020 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in room H11 (Steinstraße 19) in Witzenhausen.

About the lecturer:
2009-present: scientific staff and coordinator at FB11
2009 – 2013: PhD candidate at FB11
2002-2009: Studies of Biology at University of Greifswald

This seminar is offered by the Tropenzentrum. For registration please send an e-mail to Credits can be obtained for the Kassel Graduate Programme.
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