English for Academic Purposes (ONLINE)
This workshop is offered by the Sprachenzentrum. Paritcipants of the Kassel Graduate Programme please hand in your certificate of attendance via e-mail (graduiertenakademie@uni-kassel.de).

Lecturer: Alisa Lenz

Format: ONLINE in the form of 6 online sessions

Short description:
This course is aimed at developing and practising the use of English in academic writing and speaking for doctoral students and Junior scholars at the university of kassel. Course content will depend on the needs and requests of the participants, and may include (but is not limited to):
- developing arguments
- delivering and discussing arguments.
- presentations etc.

Materials will also depend on participants' needs but will likely include writing workshop materials for developing and perfecting general aspects of English academic writing.

Also, participants may use material directly related to their thesis work and will have the opportunity to give presentations to develop speaking and communication skills.

However this course is not a translation service for entire academic works but rather to review excerpts that need further work.
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